Wellhouse Esthetic Studio

Facial Treatments

All Wellhouse facials are customized to meet your specific skin care needs.  

Using the Diego Della Palma Professional line,  your skin will be treated to a thorough cleansing, steaming, and extraction followed by a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage.

Wellhouse Signature Facial (90min) $60

Mini Facial (60min). $50

Skin Renewal Peel (35min) $50 or $180 for 4 treatments

Specialty Facials starting at $70

Youth Venom

Relax wrinkles / fine lines

A divine luxury for your skin! This treatment relaxes, fills and smoothes deep wrinkles and expression lines using a venom produced by the Conus seashell.  


Firm, tone & define facial contours

A skin lifting and tightening treatment featuring a specialized collagen lift peptide to define ands sculpt contours of the face and neck.


Targets dull skin, spots and wrinkles

Enriched with Pro White B-Speres and Diamond Lightening Complex, this treatment counteracts dark spots and restores brightness to the skin with a powerful anti-aging action.  

Icon Time

Expression lines / loss of skin tone

A non-invasive treatment to relax, fill and smooth wrinkles and expression lines.  Skin appears instantly more smooth and toned.

Calming Facial

For sensitive, Rosacea, Reactive Skin

A treatment specifically designed to care for hypersensitive, reactive and rosacea/couperose skin.​

Aids in reducing skin inflammation and redness leaving the skin calm, supple and moist.

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