Micha Certified Microblading Professional

Microblading is the art of applying pigment into the skin of eyebrows that are sparse or lack definition. Hair strokes are drawn using an extremely fine blade to resemble natural eyebrow hair. Results last one to two years depending on your skin's retention of pigment.  

Cost in $350 + HST and includes 3 visits as described below:

Appointment #1

Both you and your brows will be prepped for microblading. During this session pre/post care procedures will be discussed as well as colour and shape.  

Fee $50

Appointment #2

Microblading day is approximately 

1 1/2hrs - 2 hrs in length.

During this session, a numbing cream will be applied to brow area, and desired brow shape will be drawn based on measurements taken.  

Please Note:  Brow colour will fade in the week following procedure to a more natural appearance.

Fee $300 

Appointment #3

This session will allow us to see how microbladed brows have healed and to re-blade areas where additional pigment is required.

Fee: None